Another personal finance tracker - but does it cut the mustard?

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Finance41

As one of many personal finance trackers I have to say I’ve seen tidier looking examples than this one that apparently uses "cutting edge technologies to create the greatest user experience." I’ve no doubt it will do a job for you and it’s free so playing around with its functions is probably a good idea and you can do that without actually creating an account. I’d certainly recommend this course of action because the screenshots and advice given when you click on "help getting started" are not the clearest instructions you will ever read.

The app has all of the basic features and functions you’d expect to see and you can set up your accounts and tag them accordingly. You can add income and expenditure and also set up recurring transactions using the repeat drop-down box.

I may be being a bit harsh on the look of this one and to their credit they are adding new features to it on a regular basis. You can now include budgets to your accounts and get an instant view of how you’re actually doing against them both on an amount and percentage basis.

I suppose my issue with this one is all about aesthetics. To me it looks a bit cumbersome and some of the ways it gets round issues are a bit long winded. For instance IOU’s are dealt with by a transaction one way followed by a reversal of it when it’s settled rather than the simple action of hitting a "paid" button. It’s also not really that mobile with transactions sent via email rather than directly on to your accounts although a Smartphone version is being worked on.

The final thing that I’m not too sure about is the ability to export the data to an Excel spreadhseet. I was of the opinion that these apps are developed so that people could get away from just that method of accounting.


This may well be considered a great personal finance app by some people and it will certainly do the job for you. The great thing is that there are a lot of them around so the choice is a very wide one.


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