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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: igobubble

Have you ever seen that amazing footage of thousands of sky lanterns being released in certain Asian countries for good luck? Well, igobubble is kinda like the cyber version of the sky lantern. But rather than it only sending out good vibes, igobubble is somewhere you can place a virtual bubble and fill it with a message, a photo, a video or a song and send it on it's way into cyberspace for your friends or others to find. Whether you use it as an advertising tool or just to send a love note to your partner it's easy and fun to track your bubble to see how far it travels - hey, it could even go viral.   igobubble is a fun and entertaining game that integrates location-aware social networking with continuously evolving digital content by creating 'virtual living bubbles' that carry photos, videos or songs that you can drop anywhere for your friends or other people to find. These bubbles evolve in real time and can be modified, moved and cloned. You can leave private or public bubbles and see who touches them and track where they travel and how quickly they spread. In this world of formulaic apps, igobubble manages to be a fun tool that really does think outside the box and has to be considered as the only evolutionary app in the world so far. Your bubbles can grow, shrink, divide, pop and maybe even go completely viral. Once you download igobubble a whole new layer of virtual content is there for you to discover and create. Drop your bubbles anywhere to promote your band or leave cute love messages for your loved ones to find.  Leave bubbles to mark your territory or commemorate things that happened at certain places. Then check out other peoples' bubbles and help them stay alive!   igobubble was partially built on Charles Darwin's principles of evolution in that the released bubbles take on a life of their own when you release them into the big, wide cyberworld. Your bubbles can grow, shrink, change, divide and even spread like a virus if they are popular enough. In these days of rather formulaic apps, igobubble is a free and fun social game for your smartphone that will keep you entertained for ages. They say that the sky-lanterns can be a hazard when they crash to earth when their candle dies. Don't let your bubble crash to earth in the same way.


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