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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Voobar!

Browser bars are a much maligned and underestimated part of the Internet experience. We tend to take them for granted but, when they are used properly, they do tend to polarize your browsing habits and speed up your searching ability. Voobar! is a browser extension / toolbar that draws it's inspiration from browsing patterns developed by regular people, just like yourself, that use the Internet on a daily basis.   Voobar! is a browser extension / toolbar that is adapted to your specific needs and consequently, redefines the way you browse the internet. The  extension is built by people just like you who  like to browse the web in a more flexible way. Voobar! is based on extensive research of the browsing patterns of 70% of the Asian, Middle Eastern and North American  population who use the internet on a daily basis.  Voobar! is adapted to your needs and gives you access your to your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter in a click of a button. It also makes it easy to watch TV, listen to the radio, search the web and much much more. You can download it now for free and enjoy a new browsing experience but Voobar are very open to suggestions. If you ever feel like something you need in the extension is missing you can always suggest a feature and they will work on serving it on the frequent Voobar! updates.   It might not seem a big thing but the much maligned browser extension / toolbar is a very useful piece of micro management for your Internet browsing. Voobar! is a  free tool that puts all of your favorite browsing patterns together for easy access at just the click of a button in an all-in-one service. Twitter and Facebook in one click. Your favorite YouTube videos in another click. All the sites you usually surf for in your browser together on one free toolbar...very neat and tidy and organized.


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