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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: MUBI

Mubi is a film site that used to be known as The Auteurs but I don't think many people really know what an auteur is because there aren't many around these days. Basically, a director would be considered an auteur if he or she could translate their personal creative vision into a filmic concept. So now you see why there aren't many auteurs around these days - Hollywood isn't so keen on the creative director these days. So...getting back to's an online cinema and community for people who love film. It's a place to watch, discuss and read all about the best of quality cinema from around the world.   The Auteurs IMubi) is an online cinematheque and a place to watch, discuss, and read about the best of cinema. At its core  it is a web site with a uniquely curated library of films delivered through high-definition streaming for free. It's a social networking movie and video too for people who just aren't interested in the latest Adam Sandler comedy or Sandra Bullock's next tear jerker but are hanging out for the latest incantation of Iran's cinematic output or the new Lars Von Trier (assuming he's given up on the Hitler jokes now.) It's like having your very own library of art house films that you can organize. You can discuss with friends the intricacies of Truffaut's Hitchcock fixation or rant on about John Woo's magnificent Red Cliff being up there with the best of Kurosawa. Or you can simply watch some of the greatest films ever made with not one iota of Michael Bay raising it's ugly head. They simply couldn't resist the idea of everyone having their own film library… Your own little cinema, anytime, anywhere. Mubi's film library is brimming with visionary films that wouldn’t fill a single cinema in Belgium for a week – not even a day. But if you searched the world you might just find an audience of a thousand for these rare cinematic treats. Now Mubi think that thousand people shouldn't be ignored just because they happen to live in different time zones or far away from Belgian cinemas. If someone needed to make such a precise film it means that someone, somewhere needs to watch it. More importantly, that someone might be you. Or Martin Scorsese (he happens to be a member too.) You’ll also find Hollywood favorites from Annie Hall to The Royal Tenenbaums here too. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where films come from, as long as they come from someone’s mind.

ConclusionI can't recommend The Auteurs (or Mubi) highly enough for the dedicated film fan who is sick of the constant remakes and lame comedies that the Hollywood machine just keeps on churning out. It's a beautifully crafted movie , video and social networking site that delivers everything you would want in a quality film app. And there's no Lindsay Lohan. No Baldwins. Oh, hang on I have to change my opinion on Alec of late as he has been in some brilliant films recently. But that's a subject we can discuss inside. Come and join me...I'll be here for a while...

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