Manage your team and projects on your mobile when on-the-go

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Project Management App

The complete management of your business projects is reasonably easy if you are sitting in the comfort of your office but it's not quite so easily if you are on-the-go or work on the road a lot. Keeping track of your team's progress and profitability is generally left until you return to your workplace. This set of business productivity tools for iOS and Android changes all that by allowing you to keep track of your team's progress on all your projects wherever you are and whenever you want.   Project Management App (PMA) is the very apt name for this iPhone, iPad and Android productivity and planning app that lets you log in from anywhere and at any time to manage all of your projects on your mobile phone. The customizable project dashboard lets you view their status' in real-time at a glance and whether they are running on time and in budget. Whats more, can view late tasks, mark them as complete and track the time it takes to do them and the effort put into them. Build new plans or import them from Microsoft Project before sharing them and collaborating with your team and keep an eye on your project workload by making sure that everyone has the right amount of work at the right time.  Change your task allocations while you are out of the office to increase and decrease workload as necessary and run reports to check that you've got it right. PMA lets you analyze and create your tasks and view actual vs. planned progress as it happens and receive email alerts when your tasks are running behind schedule. All your team can record time spent working on projects and see their total hours worked to date in real-time.   Project Management App is a highly efficient and easy to use business application that allows you to manage your team from your smartphone when you aren't in the office. This very useful and, one has to say, cost effective app gives you and your team everything you need to keep track of everything from time tracking projects to analyzing and issuing reports and making sure it stays within budget. It also allows you to peek over your teams shoulder and collaborate with them and see how they are coping whether you are in the office or in Outer Mongolia (if it still exists.) PMA is a user friendly set of tools that will keep you up to date with your projects wherever you are.


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