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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: EpixHD

EpixHD points a new direction into the way we watch movies online. This big new movie channel ties up the collective weight of major studios Paramount, Lions Gate and MGM to present their biggest movies as well as brand new original programming into a whole new way of watching.     EPIX is a social movie and video tool that could be described as the big new movie channel that's more than just a big new movie channel. Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM are turning their biggest movies, original programming and expansive library into a bold new experience. The movies you love will never change, but the way you watch them is about to. EpixHD let's you join friends for a private screening, track clips you've watched as well as watching movies. It is also a TV channel with On Demand. Best of all, you get TV, On Demand, & online for one subscription from your cable, phone company or satellite TV provider. EpixHD delivers all this entertainment in a gloriously elegant interface and also provides a plethora of related categories like interviews, staff picks, trailers and behind the scenes stuff - much of it exclusive to the site.

ConclusionThere are an awful lot of movie watching sites and applications out there. Many are just a tool for the studios to get their propaganda across to the viewing public and, to a certain extent, that is what EpixHD is too. But this one does offer something extra. Whilst giving you unlimited access to hundreds of Hollywood hit movies like Star Trek, The Expendables, Madea Goes To Jail and G I Joe etcetera you can also watch them in glorious HD. If you are quick you can try it on a 14 day free trial with no credit card needed for sign up. EpixHD is a seriously professional unit if you are looking for somewhere new for your online movie and tv watching.

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