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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Tag-Check

I'm convinced that when people realize the benefits of using the QR code concept, this 'barcode for ideas' will take over the world. Tag-Check is yet another innovative use of the QR code that functions as immediate feedback for pretty well anything you want an opinion on. In Tag-Check's case, it's a free performance feedback application that gives you an immediate response to a simple question to do with your business or event. Whether the response is from your co-workers about the meeting they just attended or customers attending a free tasting of your latest wine, Tag-Check lets them give you instant feedback via their smartphone so you can track, react and change something if necessary.   They say that for everyone who comments to you about a service you offer or an event they have attended, six others simply tell their friends. If its a positive endorsement then you are laughing but if it's not so good you have a problem - out of seven people one has a problem with you and the other six have just been delivered a bad review of what you provide. What's more, you only know about the one who commented. Feedback is an essential thing to a business whether you are a single operator or a huge conglomerate but one of the hardest things to do is to get people to respond so you know where you stand. Tag-Check offers a new approach to getting your product, service, event or performance feedback back to you - quickly and reliably. It delivers instant feedback from all of your stakeholders whether they are customers, colleagues, employees, networks or the general community. How well are your meetings working? What did people think of your presentation or article? Does your idea or art really impact on people? Tag-Check not only answers these questions for you it gives you an on-going real-time metric of them. This enables you to track the impact of your improvements or see the issues thatarise in plenty of time to do something about them. And, best of all, it does it all in the background and quietly plots your progress.   If you're really want to get serious about your product or event's effectiveness and it's impact on viewers then Tag-Check gives you a simple but groundbreaking way of getting fast and reliable feedback. Just ask a simple question and allow viewers to respond with the least amount of fuss and bother. All they need to do is to scan the QR code with their smartphone and leave a comment there and then. They say that the first impression people give you is the most honest one and the app encourages a quick response answer to your simple but pointed question.  Tag-Check is a great app for finding out what people really think of might be the time to listen.


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