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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: WorkSimple

We all know the feeling of dread that often accompanies the days leading up to an annual performance review. Scrabbling around trying to remember just what you’ve achieved throughout the year and then worrying if the boss will have the same opinion as to the relevance of your successes.

WorkSimple is a new app that aims to take away that last minute frenzy of activity and give individuals, teams or indeed an entire company the power to monitor performance on a regular basis.

The success of using this app relies on the support, encouragement and feedback from fellow workers and in this respect I’m a little wary of the individual sign up option that relies on fellow workers accepting invitations to join in. Given the choice they might decide that having their own targets and goals scrutinized on a voluntary basis is not for them.

Having said that, the team and company-wide options do have merit, not least the time saving element for team leaders and management. Where previously targets and goals might have been the subject of a daily or weekly meeting and subsequent email confirmations, WorkSimple allows for performance expectations to be set and monitored in one place.

Whatever way the system is used the features remain the same; set workplace goals and get support, advice and feedback and post updates, progress reports and success stories. Oh and don’t forget to say a big thank you to everyone that helped along the way.

Of course by sticking to this procedure you’ll be building up a very useful work story that will help in preparing for a performance review. Likewise it will have the same benefits for team leaders, management and HR departments.

A word on pricing and a potential loophole. It’s free for individuals but $5 a month per co-worker if you set up as a team. I can’t see anything stopping the team signing up as individuals by accepting the invitation of an initiator and so getting it for free? The company option will cost $9 per co-worker per month.

ConclusionEveryone concerned with performance monitoring wants to get the best and most accurate picture possible and with a decent level of collaboration this app should do a good job.


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