All I want for Christmas is...a pony!

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: iWishfor

Do you have any idea what you are buying your family and friends for Christmas this year? No, there are very few of us that do this early in the year. iWishfor is a social gift shopping application for iPhone that let's you plan your Christmas shopping nice and early and find gifts that your extended family actually wants rather than having to pick up some makeshift gift the week before the event.   What usually happens in my house is that i swear every year that i will be organized in my present buying endeavors. I will check out what everybody wants and pick them up over the course of the year so, when Christmas comes, I wont be running around like a chook with it's head chopped off. But, does it ever happen? Sadly not. Come Christmas time I still haven't got any idea what my loved ones want and I am that proverbial chicken -spending far too much and still not really sure what they all want. And what about me? How will they know that I really want that Lego Guggenheim model. iWishfor allows you to save and share gift ideas with your family and friends. No more running around at the last minute. No more getting crappy gifts that you have to return. Scan the barcodes of the things you want and your loved ones will immediately see them on their app. When Christmas or other events come up, you will always be organized and ready. iWishfor also allows you check out trending products and discover new products.   iWishfor likes to think of itself as the Pinterest for products you really want.If you are tired of giving pretty crappy gifts to your loved one's each year, iWishfor is an innovative and easy to use iPhone app that allows you to save and share gift ideas with your family and friends. It allows you to find great gift ideas and, when you see a product you want or someone you know would want, simply scan the barcode and save it to your app. This free shopping and gift app let's you share your gift lists and you'll never be saddled with that Robbie Williams Best Of CD or the yellow y-fronts ever again.


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