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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: automilez

We’ve all been there, the end of the month arrives and you need to account for your mileage. You then realise how lax you’ve been in recording it and have to spend ages doing Googlemap direction searches to work out how far you’ve been. And if your diary management is as shoddy as your mileage recording you might not even remember some of the trips! could put a stop to that nightmare whilst at the same time saving you money in terms of out of pocket expenses and tax.

The concept is simple but truly comprehensive. An application that captures your mileage through a GPS enabled phone, logs it and then lets you view the details in a number of different formats.

Push one button to start a trip and one button to end it. In between will locate your start point and then log the miles you travel. The mileage log for that journey can then be viewed on your phone, on-line or via email.

If you’re concerned about interruptions to the service midway through a trip then don’t be. The technology just stores your last known position and when service is resumed will pick up where you’ve got to and fill in the gap by calculating the distance between the two.

The app also allows you to add detail to any trip making it easier to stay on top of things like tax deductible business miles or charitable journeys, and provides the documentation to back it up. In fact each trip log shows distance, start and stop points, a map of the journey and any deduction amount gained.

The logbook function of the app captures all of the information and delivers it to you in daily, weekly and monthly reports which can be categorized with clear and simple pie and bar charts.

You can try free for 30 days and then pay $36 a year. A small price to pay for removing the hassle of mileage recording from your life.

ConclusionA great idea and a great looking app. If you do a lot of business miles and other tax deductible journeys the savings opportunities will probably more than pay for the cost of it anyway.


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