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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: DayViewer

There are times when you come across an app and wonder if it’s just been developed for the sake of it. Of course when I say that what I mean is that you look through the features and any video screenshots available to see if it could change or enhance your life in any way. In the case of organizational apps the important thing is whether all the functions that you might have dotted separately around in your own system are actually brought together in a meaningful way that could make life easier.

In the case of dayviewer.com I’m not sure it has enough pull to get me interested. From a look and ease of use perspective it ticks most boxes and is touted as being of use on both a personal and business basis. The core of the app seems to be a calendar with drag and drop capability which can be shared with a selected group. Tasks can be added with reminders set and all of your contacts can be organized into specific groups for different subjects and tasks. There is also a chat feature. I may well be missing something here and I’d be more than happy to have my misgivings corrected. Where

I’m coming from though is that I have a mobile phone that has a calendar with alarm capability. I can also use it to organize my contacts and if I want to I can chat away to my heart’s content too. Any PC, be it desktop or laptop, these days comes with a calendar function and there are more ways to chat amongst specific groups than you can shake a mouse at. With dayviewer.com I just can't spot its mojo. As for business use there are several apps out there that will give you many more features allowing you to collaborate with colleagues on projects even on a basic free package.


I think this one needs a few more bells and whistles before it convinces people to stop doing what they’re already doing but I’m sure these are already being worked on.


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