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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Imonomy

One of the problems for copy writers for web pages is that they have far more interest in words than they do with the overall presentation. While it is the written word that is going to sell your product or idea to your customers, there is not a lot of point if your visitors get bored with the site before they get your message. This can be achieved a number of ways but the simplest way is to illustrate your article with relevant pictures to draw the eye of your visitors and have a better chance of keeping them reading. It can be very painful and  time consuming to find relevant free images to flesh out your site so a publishing and photo application like Imonomy could come in very handy. It scans your web pages and automatically finds free relevant photos that match up with your written content.   If you have a large amount of written content across your site it is important that you have balance and add high quality content related images that will encourage your users to stay longer on your site. Great looking images create a much higher user engagement and give your pages the exposure that they deserve while reducing bounce rates significantly. That’s where imonomy comes in. They have developed a special web-app using algorithmic technology that scans the text from webpages and instantly and automatically locates free images and finds the optimal image placement on the webpage layout. This unique engine also creates intelligent links between pages, encouraging visitors to engage more on your website and stay longer while easily navigating through more relevant content. Your website is more attractive to your visitors and user engagement can increase significantly. The special semantic visual engine  constantly scans the text on the publisher's website and fits relevant images to the pages that are posted. The content related images give readers a more pleasurable experience while reading through the website content. The bottom line is that  when you use the app you get the chance to improve your page views, lessen your bounce rates and use the best copyright-free images on the net.   What we are all looking for with our websites is better visitor engagement and, as a consequence, the chance to sell something to them and make your bank manager happy. But you can write the most fluent piece of prose about the service or product that you offer and it still doesn't capture the attention of an audience that generally has a short attention span. So we tend to spend as much time searching for pictures that are relevant as we do writing the more important text. Imonomy is an easy way to automatically illustrate your text with pictures based on the content of your article. This means better audience response - they might even take the time to read your article while looking at the pictures - and better monetization and revenue for your site.


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