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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Your Change Manifesto

One of the hardest thing that most businesses have to deal with is the ability to change. Even when you as a boss have made the decision that it's time to change things round a bit sometimes the toughest part is to get your fellow workers to accept that their game plan needs to be updated and the best way to achieve that is to keep them involved in the process too. So how do you get to present new ideas and get people to discuss and make suggestions about them? Your Change Manifesto is a business tool where you can present suggestions for new ideas and have the people you want involved vote on them and suggest other ideas of their own, if the like.     Your Change Manifesto is a free online feedback share tool that lets the you present a new idea and let people make suggestions about it and vote ideas up if they like them. It's aim is to help you bring change in your company and working teams though a process centered on reaching consensual change. People you want to talk to will be able to reach your idea by simply typing a web address and going to the web page which will be password protected so you can vet who can discuss and have a say in your grand plan and do it in a very friendly environment. With this service you can create one or several manifestos for change with your proposals and you can invite others to contribute with more proposals and comments. All taking part to the process can vote up the proposals they prefer until the final meeting day. There the creator of the manifesto can organize a  meeting with the contributors to decide which proposals make it to the final manifesto. Your Change Manifesto is a simple, specialized and free service that can help solve more complex problems of innovation and change.

ConclusionIt's a tricky thing to up and change the way you do things in your business life. Your staff tend to take it as a personal insult and your customers may up and leave if you don't get it right. The last thing you want is to alienate and upset your staff so it makes total sense to keep them involved. The friendly environment that Your Change Manifesto offers makes it almost like an interactive suggestion box where no one gets their noses put out of joint and all ideas are investigated and voted on to ensure the best business program to move forward with.


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