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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Oozyo

Oozyo is a networking management tool that I need! If I could only remember the various passwords and usernames I have for my accounts I'd be a very happy man. What tends to happen is I just click on the forgotten password button and do it that way. It doesn't have to be like that though. Oozyo, among many other things, let's you put all your usernames and passwords securely online so they are available to you wherever there is an Internet connection. Bliss!     Are you always searching for your computer usernames, passwords and valuable client information etcetera? Stop wasting time and put it online so it becomes available from everywhere. If you are anything like me you'll have half of that stuff tucked away in various places on your computer or iPad or  written on various pieces of paper. Hardly secure and certainly not very efficient. And thats just using it in a personal situation. Now put it into a business situation. If you deal with a lot of people and organizations online you'll have lots of information in lots of different places too...only there's way more of them, of course. With this application you can manage your usernames, passwords, urls, ftp servers, webservers, clients, license keys, expiry dates, firewalls and much more. Oozyo is an infrastructure management tool for managing your network infrastructure. Manage your company, manage your customers and hand out clean pdf documents with their user information with one click.

ConclusionOozyo is a clever organize tool that has a true purpose in life. This networking and management tool provides a place to store and organize all your important username, password and information in one place and accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. Now that is an important point. If you are away from your office or home you can still access all that vital information. This free tool is a must see.


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