Scientific source material until it comes out of your ears

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Flooved

Flooved is a social educational application that offers benefits to students, academics and publishers. Eventually, this intelligent app will turn into one of the best and most comprehensive libraries of academic textbooks online but, for the moment, it focusses purely on scientific subjects. It provides all the study material needed for the modern day student with textbooks, past exam papers, theses and video content at your fingertips. But that's not the end of the story.  It also enriches and adds to the learning experience by cross linking relevant topics by chapter and even adds a social side by allowing both students and professorial types to annotate, add links and content and interact.   Flooved provides a package of vetted academic textbooks, journals, lecture notes, past exam papers, theses and video content to students for a monthly subscription and then adds value to the content by building context into it by specifically cross linking relevant topics by chapter. This is done using a combination of statistical, semantic and ontological indexing engines with the most relevant content being pushed to the top of the list. Flooved is also social and allows all sides to add relevant new material to the underlying content that can be accessed by other users. Upgrade to the low-cost premium plan and access the premium text books which can cost a small fortune to purchase. For academics, it can help your students to study better without any extra work on your part. You can upload your own content and share it with your class or with the whole world and all content is structured and curated to complement existing degree courses. For publishers like BBC and Mansons, it provides a non-substitutional pathway for existing content and helps monetize content. Results can then be fully analyzed, using your own live dashboard, to understand just how students engage with your content.   It's been said that Flooved will become the best online science information reference available and who am I to doubt it? It certainly deals with the issue of the poor and impoverished student having to buy expensive textbooks because the app offers a wealth of content and even the premium content comes at a low cost. Flooved comes with its own built-in, intelligent e-reader with facilities to read material later. But, to me, the best things about this easy to use app are its very useful cross references of relevant chapters option and it's social side which allows both students and academics to interact and add material. Flooved is an intelligent source of scientific information that is only going to get bigger.


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