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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Wesabe

In the current economic climate the ability to tap into other people’s financial experiences and knowledge is a welcome addition to the traditional sources of financial advice. Wesabe.com is a web based discussion platform where members can pool information on any number of financial topics with the purpose of helping each other make informed decisions about where and how they spend their money.

The site splits broadly into two sections, “Group” and “Discussion”, and whilst closely related they do have a slightly different angle of approach. A group could for instance tackle all things relevant to the subject of travel with tips on exchange rates, budget tours and cheap flights being just some possible topics. A discussion on the other hand is aimed at very specific questions and concerns. Once a member joins and adds a profile page they can then join a group or a discussion or indeed start a group or discussion of their own.

The site gives users the option to browse for groups either by popularity, alphabetically or by entering key words into a search box that match up with the relevant topic of interest.  Once this has been found a simple click on the “Join Group” tab is all that is needed to register for email alerts when any new post appears within the group.

The groups are listed by title along with a note of how many members it has and how many discussions have been posted. Starting a group is a simple process and done via the “Create Group” button at the foot of the “Browse all Groups” page. A group name and description is all that’s needed to get it up and running.

It is no surprise that a great number of discussions on the site concern people’s desire to get out of debt. The fact that the responses and nuggets of advice come from people who have actually been there and got the tee-shirt does give the whole thing a feeling of credibility and a fair bit of warmth too. Of course the groups do cover less worrying financial topics like the best savings options, retirement planning, setting up a business and how to eat on a budget.

ConclusionA problem shared is a problem halved is a popular saying and this free to use site will give users plenty of opinions from a mix of people who have had similar issues to deal with. Anyone thinking that their particular financial conundrum is unique will quickly find out that it most definitely isn’t. And that can only be a comfort.


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