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It's damned hard to discover great new music these days. You know it's out there but how the hell do you discover new stuff whether it be Rock, Rap or Reggae. Turn on commercial radio and you just get the same songs over and over again. That's where comes in handy as it features new music in a random mix of bands, songs and styles.

Just sign up for free and you can discover new songs, bands and singers online with a random mix of styles. You can even add tracks you like to your own playlists. The site also hosts the mysterious Karma points when you listen, share and find new music. You can select one of the many and varied music categories to investigate. There's everything from Indie to House to Classical and plenty more in-between.


If you're a fan of the stumbleupon style of web browsing where interesting stuff is thrown in your general direction then LookFM will appeal to you. It serves the purpose nicely of introducing the listener to a lot of music that they wouldn't normally come across. Then you can amaze your friends by predicting the next Kanye or Gaga. You heard it there first!

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