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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: My Weekly Budget (MyWB)

My Weekly Budget (MyWB) does exactly what the name helps you keep track of your weekly budget. It won't help with a monthly budget or a fortnightly one...just weekly. I launched the app expecting a complex set up process with salary to be entered etc...but it wasn't to simply put in an amount of money that you wish to set as your budget and then add in expenses. The expenses can be chosen from a fairly comprehensive list, or you can create your own. As the list of expenses is quite long (and gets longer if you add your own) there is a favourite category where you can add your most common expenses.

This is not an app for someone looking to seriously balance a complex budget, it seems more suited to an individual with fairly simple budgeting needs - perfect for teenagers or youngsters on a tight budget. At the end of each week, a brief summary for the week is presented showing how well you have done against your target. Any money not spent may be carried over to the next week, so you can reward yourself with higher spending next week! Any money you received (birthday presents, cash-back on a pair of shoes you returned etc.) may also be added to your current week's spending plan if you choose. 

MyWB supports all international currencies. You can show the date format to your liking, organize spending in categories as broad or as focused as you want, and it includes the option to make your own categories to show personalized descriptions of your spending.

MyWB also allows you to export to by email or with ITunes file-sharing so the data can be used on other apps on your PC...although most other PC based apps might be a little more complex. There is a quick and easy way to flick through your spending patterns from previous weeks - so you can get a clear view of where you have been spending your money. 

All in all it is easy enough to use, pleasing on the eye and will quite likely suit people with simple budgeting needs. And at $0.99, it isn't going to put to big a dent in your first week!


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