Keep your Android Text (SMS) and call history private

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Player Tools Cheating App

Now, if only Tiger Woods had this app on his smartphone at the time he probably wouldn't have got into quite as much of a mess as he did. Player Tools is an free Android privacy app that 'covers up' text messages and your phone log so no one else can see them.

Player Tools is the ultimate android privacy application. Who is it for? It's for people who are thinking about using alias's for their "friends" so their significant other doesn't see them if they check their phone records? It's for the person who is constantly clearing their text messages and phone log so no one else can see them? Or maybe you are constantly being harassed by telemarketers and debt collectors or even creepy stalkers? Oryou are planning a surprise for your spouse or friends and you don't want it ruined by awkwardly trying to explain the suspicious phone calls and messages?

These are just some of the situations that Player Tools can help you with. Play it smart and stop worrying that you'll slip up and get caught. Player Tools now has dual layer access security. It remains hidden until it is launched by dialing or texting the correct number and it also can be disguised as a calculator if password protected. You can seamlessly hide and restore any phone calls, text and MMS messages and contacts with the touch of a single button. It's completely interfaced with your Android's native contact list.

While it's not quite in James Bond territory, Player Tools does have a sense of sneakiness about it. We'll say this is designed for people who don't want their partner to know about a surprise or birthday present they have planned but you can see how it would be useful for covering up more illicit situations. But the bottom line here is that it really works. It's an easy to use app for your mobile that's totally free and might just save your blushes.


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