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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Tip'd

Fancy becoming the editor of a financial news magazine? Well this site might not quite fulfil that ambition but as a member of the Tip’d community you can certainly have a say about what goes on the front page.

Billed as a community for financial news, ideas and tips the site is full of news articles submitted by members covering a wide range of issues including business and personal finance, real estate, stocks, entrepreneurship and the general economy.

Any passer-by can view articles and tips on things like investing and careers however to contribute your own you need to register. Registration also gives you access to discussion platforms and the ability to vote or "Tip" on certain news stories and push them to the homepage.

Bloggers are also welcome to submit their articles to the site and tools are available to add Tip’d buttons to a permalink template to help exposure and make it easier for followers to submit or Tip stories.

Although the site is pretty flexible about the kind of stories submitted it should be remembered that it is a financial news platform and so relevance to the topic is essential. You will not be looked upon with any great fondness if you submit the landing page of your particular financial service or use it to promote money off deals.

The key measure of relevance here is that stories and articles should be about finance and business and be of benefit to the community and not a promotional platform for personal gain.

It costs nothing to join in and with a wide range of topics there is almost certainly going to be something of interest, and perhaps more importantly of use, for everyone.

ConclusionAny site that pools together the insight and knowledge of the community for the benefit of members gets my vote.


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