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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Oh Greetings Cards

There are heaps of virtual greetings cards sites on the Internet. If you've got a birthday or a valentine card to send it's pretty easy to google one up in a second. It's a bit impersonal though, isn't it? It would be much better if you could send a REAL card with the same simplicity. Oh Greetings Cards is a social holiday tool where, for the same price as a trip to the local store, you can send a real, personalized greetings card to anyone the world over. allows users to send real, personalized greeting cards anywhere in the world for about the same price as making a trip to the store! Choose a card from hundreds of 100% original designs and Oh Greetings Cards will customize it with your message and mail it anywhere in the world for you. Featuring their exclusive line of heartwarming Yesteryear cards with new images added weekly! Oh Greetings' most useful attribute is when you are on the go and remember that it's your Mother's birthday on the other side of the country. Just download the iPhone app for free and send your real card straight from your mobile device. Choose your card, write your message and address then its just one click and Oh Greetings will do the rest.

ConclusionThere's no doubt that it's much more personal to send a real card on real cardboard when you are sending a greeting. Especially to some people. While you can probably get away with sending an e-card to the younger folks your Aunt on the other side of the country might be a different kettle of fish. She would much rather receive a card with your greeting on it through the mail than through cyberspace, I'm sure. Oh Greetings Cards delivers your greetings cards for a similar price to your regular High Street store and, if you are quick, you can send your first card absolutely free.


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