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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: is a CBS company that allows you to watch your favorite tv shows as well as interacting with other fans and read all the behind the scenes news and gossip. It's like having your own watchable TV magazine right next to the box. is a beautifully organized application that makes it easy for you to search, find and watch great tv shows from all around the world. is a movie and tv tool where TV lives online! Watch your favorite shows, talk to other fans, read all the behind-the-scenes news and just generally revel in the most up-to-date and complete TV site anywhere. You can roam around at leisure but for an extra-good time you should register. Registration allows you to write reviews, participate in lively discussions and contribute to show, episode and person guides!  After you register, you will start getting points. Pretty much everything gives you points - even just visiting the site earns you points. But the biggest totals come from adding episode summaries, writing reviews, posting to forums, blogging, filling out your profile and adding friends. As you get more and more points you will reach higher and higher levels. There are over 100 levels to reach, and the higher the level the more awesome bragging rights you have. Get enough points and you might even become the editor of a show. As you go, you will also collect cool profile emblems that mark your contributions to the site and your participation in special events. is a very well organized tool where you can watch thousands of tv episodes of your favorite tv shows free and online. Its a bit like having your own tv guide where you can read about shows and stars as well as having access to a vast array of tv show episodes from the likes of HBO, Britain's ITV, SBS, PBS and heaps of other stations worldwide. So get cracking! Watch videos, have fun and share the love of your favorite show.

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