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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: FileLab Web Apps

The Filelab Web App is an  audio and video design tool for Windows and is designed specifically to solve various common problems that may occur when sharing audio and video files. The tools available here make it possible to turn your video and music into something even more impressive with bells hanging from them if thats what you want. To make life very simple your finished files are launched directly into your browser for easy sharing.     FileLab Web App is designed to solve common user tasks with its video editing and adio editing tools. FileLab Video Editor is an easy tool to edit your videos online. Choose  your videos, photos and music and then split, cut, rotate and mix your visuals. Then add effects, overlays and texts and you are ready to share your treasured masterpiece. You can easily edit, enrich, personalize and share your movies with friends and family. With FileLab Audio Editor you can rework your audio files online and get a completely new refined and enhanced with effects output track! Just select you audio tracks and cut, split, trim and add, then apply effects and filters and save them to your preferred format.  

ConclusionThis is an easy and free way to put cool audio and video stuff together. FileLab Web Apps is a simple editing tool that has a lot of clout and can transform your audio and video files into something way more impressive. The interface is simple and easy to use and navigation is easy. All you really have to do is sign up for free and launch the application. The only down side is that FileLab is only available to work through Windows. Maybe us Mac users will get a chance one day.


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