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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Tabletquiz

See Feedmyapp special promo code below. One of the best ways of really getting to know exactly what your customers and website viewers want is still the old-fashioned quiz, questionnaire or survey. There's really nothing that gets to the crux of the matter like a few carefully chosen questions or a detailed survey about your product or commodity. Tabletquiz is a survey application for your mobile than enables you to create personalized quizzes and surveys for iPad, iPhone and Android. It makes full use of the uniqueness of the smartphone and tablet's features with their screen-size, ease-of-use and multimedia capabilities.   Tabletquiz is an application that enables anybody to make personalized quiz and survey apps. You can create your quiz or survey in just four steps. First you create your unique quiz and survey on the Tabletquiz website. You can have up to twenty multiple choice questions per quiz with photos, if you like. Then it's time to install the app via your mobile device browser and add the icon to the home screen. All thats really left is to run the app on your iPad, iPhone and Android and collect your quiz and survey responses. View the results on the Tabletquiz website and export them to Excel. Tabletquiz is designed to take advantage of the mobile device screen size, ease-of-use and multimedia capabilities especially with pictures, audio and video which allows the user to create visually appealing apps in a short time without any programming. The intent is to give you full control of your app's originality and attractiveness with the focus on simplicity and speed.   Surveys are a very relevant part of the business of selling and promotion. Tabletquiz is an excellent free survey application for creating detailed quizzes and surveys for tablets and smartphones. It's a simple app to use and  has an air of quality about it. Surveys and quizzes can be delivered on a plate in four simple clicks. Tabletquiz's main advantage over it's competitors is in it's html5 technology which allows it to run on both Apple and Android programs. Keep up with the thoughts and opinions of your customers with Tabletquiz. If you are quick you can take advantage of feedmyapp's special deal.   Special promocode 'myapp516' for readers. When signing up at, using this promocode will enable you to create 5 FREE APPS (instead of one for regular users), for everyone signing up before Jan 31st 2012.


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