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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: NADANU

If you’re a charitable organization or a non-profit you need to spread your message loud and you definitely have to spread it wide when it comes to fundraising.

The days of snail mail-shots and tin rattling are disappearing and the electronic age can present a great way for great causes to get maximum exposure and reach deeper into pockets. Having said that donating online can still be a bit hit and miss.

Nadanu.com offers more than a platform for online giving with its "Mycharitybox" app adding a little fun to proceedings as well.

The graphics are great with donors dropping virtual coins or even charity branded tokens into a typical collection tin. These donations are of course cashed in for real money using pre-entered credit card details, Authorize.net or PayPal.

Nadanu provides a very wide net for organizations seeking donations with every aspect covered. By adding a simple "donate now" button to an existing website they will take care of the mechanics that make it work.

The boom in social networking has also created a large pool of potential donors and any charity without a Facebook page is advised to catch up quickly. With a simple donation tool plugged straight into a Fan page donations can be made directly from Facebook. The great thing about this is that every time someone makes a donation their friends are notified and very neatly supplied with the link. And no matter where they are in the world or what time it may be donors can still contribute via their mobile phone.

For users worried about keeping it all together all aspects of campaign management are covered including email reminders, automatic tax deductible receipts and handling any recurring giving schedules.  On top of that organizations have access to key reporting on things such as campaign tracking, transaction history and usage patterns.

For charitable organizations and non-profits this looks like a great place to make sure they don’t miss a trick or a dollar.


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