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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Investy

Anyone heavily invested in the stock market will appreciate the capabilities of this site whether they hold shares independently, participate in mutual funds or indeed both.

Like all investment products the key to success is spreading your risk, and only by really knowing where in the world your money is invested and into what mix of industries will you have a clear idea.

Investy allows you to dig deeper into the finer detail of just what your portfolio consist of and can be activated in a matter of minutes. Once the details of your holdings are entered you will be able to see the analysis of which countries each investment operates in and also what sectors. Given these turbulent economic times these are pretty key risk areas.

Further analysis will identify the high performers across sector and industry making it easier for you to make decisions on where to allocate funds. The educational aspect of Investy will also inform you why these sectors and industries are outperforming the rest.

Fees are always in the forefront of people’s minds, especially those associated with the management of mutual funds. Investy can help here too by trawling the many funds out there looking for ones with similar holdings but lower fees.  

Your entire portfolio can be analyzed and given a customized financial health rating providing you with statistics like P/E ratios, dividend yields and book value. You can also see how it stands up to the big boys of Wall Street with comparisons against a number of the big players in the market. You never know, you might be one someday!

ConclusionFor anyone relying on a portfolio of stocks to cover future events like retirement then this will surely help them make sure they get the best out of it.


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