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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Founder2be

Finding the cash to fund a startup is usually way down the line from the actual idea stage of a project and you’re more likely to need technical help and business guidance before you can even start to think of approaching investors.

If you find yourself in this predicament and need to find a co-founder with the same enthusiasm and drive then might be where they’re lurking.

The site provides a platform for people in similar situations to get together and drive an idea towards a mutually successful conclusion. That conclusion could be just the start of a project or a more advanced situation where a company is formed. Either way the profile pages offer a great starting place for potential link-ups.

Split into two areas you can either register as a member with an idea or as someone keen to get involved in suitable projects. The ideas section gives a brief overview of what an idea is all about and registered members can click through to see more detail of the required assistance. Interested parties can also leave a comment.

If you’re signing up as someone interested in potential opportunities then the profile page lists amongst other things any specific areas of interest, key skills you could bring to the table and how much time you have available to throw at it. If you have cash available you can also flag it here.

Once a member searching can be narrowed down and finding people based on relevant skills and location is a useful option. All in all the site provides a great introductory space with the potential of spawning some exciting startups.

ConclusionIn uncertain economic times anything that has the potential to create new businesses and produce the next generation of entrepreneurs has to be worth a look.


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