Found This is a way to keep tabs on items that you could lose or have lost.

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Found This

"Have you seen my watch?" How many times have you asked that question, I wonder. And then comes the retort. "Where did you last have it?" If that isn't the single most dumb question I don't know what is. So you come back with "If I knew where I last had it I'd know where it was, wouldn't I?" And that's exactly the point where Found This comes in. This organize tool let's you write a note on where you are going to put your treasured item so you know exactly where it is when you need it.
Found This is the simplest of concepts. Basically, it is a way to keep tabs on items that you could lose or have lost. The way it works is this. Before you lose an item you can keep notes on where you are going to put it. So, if you lose it, you can open the site and see the note you made on the item and know exactly where it is. I told you it was simple. But it does beat spending an hour trying to remember where you put something and we all know frustrating that can be. Especially if it were important. Where Found This really comes into it's own though is in the fine art of storage. Whether you are putting your important items in the attic, a storage unit or just in the drawers of grandma's old bureau it will pay you to just note the details down in Found This. In several years when you need your item again you can just log on to the site and it will tell you exactly where you stored it.

Its actually a really good idea, you know. There really isnt anywhere i could safely note where i was going to cleverly store my precious important items unless i create a special folder in my computer and, even then, i'd probably forget what i named it. So Found This is filling a void in the market i reckon. And its simplicity and ease of use make it a fun way to make a note of your hidey holes. Now all you have to do is remember the password.


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