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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: cashU

My first reaction when I looked at this site was what a great service it provides both for online buyers with no access to credit and debit cards and the online sellers hungry for their cash.

This is an app that does require some walking however as once you’ve set up your account you’ll have to find a retailer that sells CashU prepaid cards. The site can help there with a list of participating outlets.

The card will contain a PIN number which can then be used to fund your CashU account and allow you to purchase online from of long list of qualifying sites by simply hitting the ˈpay by CashUˈ button. All that’s required after that is to input your CashU account number and password and the purchase is complete.

The sites accepting CashU are varied and include gaming sites, dating sites and stock and forex trading sites. I have to say the latter two did rather cause my second reaction. It did strike me as a little strange that anyone trading on either of these international financial markets would need help to pay for it from CashU but further investigation provided the answers.

Aimed primarily at the Middle East and North African markets this prepaid solution gets round the issue of Sharia law where credit and interest are forbidden. With this in mind I immediately returned to my first reaction and now think it an even better service and one that ensures cultural differences are no barrier to 21st century ecommerce.

ConclusionWith the ease of a top-up mobile phone card but with access to a whole lot more this app certainly fills a need for a great number of people.

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