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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: RSS Reader Pro

More and more people these days are customizing the way they get their news and information from the Internet. The fact is, with the digital age well and truly upon us, there is so much information out there and it's getting rather time consuming and awkward to keep up with it all. That's why news-readers’ like this one have come to prominence over the last year or so. RSS Reader Pro is a simple, clean and powerful application that manages your feeds so easy-to-use that even your granny wouldn't have a problem with it. Despite its minimalist interface, the app includes all the features needed to provide a seamless and informative reading experience from the websites that you love.   Need an easy way to manage your RSS Feeds? This minimal and very easy to use RSS news reader - with its many advanced features - is the perfect set of tools for both novices and experts alike to manage their news feeds.  You can use it as a news reader, a deal finder or for anything else that could save you time. It provides you with a quality reading experience without technology getting in the way. With online media offering an amazing resource to anyone with an internet connection - there are countless articles, interviews and reports all waiting to be read - it can almost turn into a full-time job just sorting through everything and finding the articles or news that interests you.  And, with so many options open to us, it can be hard work remembering all of the websites that are worth checking out. The reader is packed with advanced features like search, tagging, sharing, full screen reading and carries a clean design that negates the need for any great technical experience. Use the readers’s advanced feed search and find exactly what you’re looking for. All of your searches can be saved to your account, saving time later. The feed gives you a truncated view of your feed content but you can use the built in readability option to give you the full content and you can share your news with others via email or social networks. You can tag your feeds to be better organized - with no limit on how many tags you can use - and see all your tagged feeds in the tag drawers.   After using RSS Reader Pro for a couple of days it's clear to see that it is a quality app that, at a low three bucks per month, is well worth the expense. It gives you a fully customizable platform for the news feeds that interest you. The interface is refreshingly basic with all the important features available making it one of the more user-friendly RSS Readers available. Articles from your preferred sources scroll through cleanly and attractively and make them a pleasure to read. All the articles can be clicked to read the full story. It's like reading your Facebook feeds but without the ads and the superfluous stuff that doesn't interest you. With time being one of our most valuable assets, the most efficient amongst us choose to learn about new technologies to save some time. Rather than one having to search around for new content, the best news and important information, RSS Reader Pro makes your favorite web content come to you. You can try it free for 14 days if you are quick.


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