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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Ecademy

What does the phrase "Networking Event" conjure up in your mind? For the novice it usually starts with the sweats and moves through various stages to actual nausea at the very thought of meeting and small talking with strangers.

Despite the old hands telling you it gets easier with practise it doesn’t make those early forays into the world of business networking any less terrifying. Once you’ve asked a couple of attendees if they’ve had far to come you probably consider your contribution to any meaningful conversation has ended. All that’s left to do is unload as many business cards as you can and then bolt for the door.

Although there might not be any substitute for face to face co-operation in the business world imagine how less stressful it would be if you could kick off the whole process of building a network online.

Ecadamy is such a site and was one of the pioneers. Far from being simply "BNI in the Sky" it encourages the building of personal relationships before introducing the subject of commerce.

By signing up you can promote your services online, attract new contacts and link with those people you find that could provide support and advice in a beneficial two-way association. There are groups to join and blogs and discussion forums available giving you all the benefits of networking without leaving your office.

The experience of Ecademy should give you the confidence to get out and do some proper handshaking and events can be organized on the site. For those business owners out there who feel isolated and in need of some top level input then joining as a Board Member could be the answer.

Meeting a group of peers on a monthly basis and with online communication in between, you can retain your independence but reap the benefits of having a virtual board of directors offering guidance and support.

So get online and get networking, you won’t even have to ask other members if they’ve had far to come!

This site is obviously run by people who know a thing or two about networking. Seeing it used in over 200 countries confirms that their network is growing fast too.


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