Social Network for Small Businesses and Business Professionals

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: BizKoor

Facebook has really changed everything, hasn't it? Our interaction and communication has improved out of this world and the next stage is to take a social networking site and gear it towards a business platform that works for individuals too. BizKoor is a free social network designed to help small to midsize businesses expand their networks, connect with contracting and supplier opportunities, place free classified ads and gain free access to sales leads and business opportunities.

BizKoor is a social networking platform that is geared to the business community. They offer in-depth professional profiles that you can manage and control. Groups are available for sharing information and making contacts for future business deals and partnerships. As a business it presents an opening to discover new business partners as well as providing a platform for advertising and better communication with customers and partners. Opportunities are also available to connect with experts in various business fields for one to one analysis. BizKoor allows you to set up and control your professional profile, locate people from your educational experiences and reconnect with past business associates. It aims to improve your work prospects by introducing you to the business world before you even leave college. 

ConclusionSocial networking for business is the new big thing, taking the Facebook concept to a new level. BizKoor is a serious attempt to fill that position. This free social networking platform is very well organized and put together by people that know what they are doing. If you are starting up a new business or want to improve an established one you might want to check out BizKoor.


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