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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Imgbox

Quite simply, if you are looking for an image hosting tool for your blog or website it would be hard to go past this one. ImgBox's main claims-to-fame are undoubtedly it's rapid fast uploading and downloading speeds and it's unlimited storage space but it also features a range of tools to make your blog or website perform as beautifully as a Mustang on the open highway.'s quick!   ImgBox is a new image hosting tool perfect for hosting images for your website, blog, forum or even your eBay auction. With unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time your images are stored safely forever without the chance of breaking or being mysteriously deleted. You can also access them from anywhere there is an internet connection. ImgBox features lightning fast upload speeds and unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time and means you can upload multiple images in seconds with no limits and no expiry on the images.This puts ImgBox miles ahead of the competition. With no limit to the upload queue it becomes easy and very fast to upload entire galleries or albums. As a bonus it also includes added support for high res JPG, GIF and PNG images of up to 10MB in size. But that's not quite where ImgBox ends. Apart from it's rapid fast loading times and upload speeds and its unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time it's a very easy interface to use and features mobile friendly browsing.   There are so many file and image hosting tools available it's a wonder theres any space left in cyberspace. There are only a couple of things that really set the best from the rest. Speed of upload and download and the ability to be able to store as many of your images as you wish for as long as you wish. ImgBox ticks those boxes more than adequately. It could be considered convenient too that you can store everything totally anonymously which leaves a lot to the imagination. And the hot linking enables you to be a little creative with your images and come up with something really interesting on your website or blog. I like ImgBox. It's simple. It's bigger than you think and it's free.


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