Smart customer feedback, one question at a time.

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Inquirly

You can hire any number of business analysts to give you feedback on your company's performance and suggest new marketing ideas. It does tend to cost a small fortune though and if you are a small business that can be a little cost prohibitive. Similarly you could be just after a few simple pointers on how to improve your business and make more money. That's where Inquirly comes in.Inquirly helps you get actionable feedback from your customers without complex forms or long surveys. They dont believe that bulky surveys or annual reports. They are doing for surveys what Tumblr did for blogging: making it quick, frequent, and effortless.

Inquirly is a simple platform app that gives you the opportunity to ask questions to customers across your favorite social network with just one click see all of your feedback in real-time with simple graphs and no nonsense reports.

To ensure a quickfire response questions are limited to one at a time but creating a question only takes a couple of minutes so the call and response between you and your customers is fast and straightforward. You'll get instant results to the questions you need answered. Consequently, it makes it easier for you to make informed decisions based on direct responses from your questions.

ConclusionInquirly seem to have filled a bit of a hole in the market. No business wants to shell out big dollars on marketing and business analysts if they don't have to. Quite often you only need a quick bit of feedback from your loyal customers to help you make the decisions that matter. At US$24 per month it's an affordable way of getting marketing advice from the people that matter most.


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