Timetable and list freaks - you might get a kick out of this

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Fasterplan

It’s difficult to know how to approach this one really, as an app the features look fine with clear screen pages and it’s all pretty thorough. To be honest though if I had a bunch of friends that needed this much organization just for a night out at the cinema I think I might be tempted to try and find some new ones. It’s not just for the cinema of course as you can use fasterplan to organize any type of get together with your chums. Not only can you suggest an activity but you can give them a whole host of options to argue about too!

This is where it loses its appeal for me I’m afraid but don’t let that put you off having a look. It’s free so you won’t be losing any money and if you’re a timetable and list freak you might even get a kick out of it.

The demo video says it all and uses the cinema scenario to illustrate the capabilities. You fancy a night out with a few friends and so you list them as recipients and fire off the suggestion to them. This suggestion can contain several dates and what’s more several time slots which they can then tick as their preferred option. It’s democratic if nothing else and you can even give them a choice of movie.

Obviously the idea is to vote and then go by the majority preference but it does feel like it’s putting an awful lot of obstacles in the way of deciding on a good night out. The same detail can be put into organizing a picnic let’s say. Here you can add a table of food items for friends to tick and bring along.

I realize the youngsters out there might find it a laugh but surely there are enough social websites around that let you organize events and circulate them to your friends? My opinion is that a simple email copied to my chosen list of friends would do the job without quite so much fuss.


To me this just looks like App for Apps sake.


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