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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: PersonSpot

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If I had to nail down PersonSpot to a specific style I would probably have to say that it's a bit like a Flipboard that you can totally personalize to your own specifications. That puts this social publishing application into an interesting place in the marketplace because, where Flipboard tends to be a purely personal magazine, PersonSpot opens up the opportunity for personal brand promotion and advertising. Here you can create and publish online social magazines with content aggregated from your social feeds, from content found anywhere on the net or stuff you create yourself.   PersonSpot is a social publishing application that simplifies online social magazine publication and allows for personal brand promotion. PersonSpot targets individuals looking to express, promote and define themselves or their business and ultimately create value for their personal brand by informing others. PersonSpot provides a clean and mobile-friendly responsive interface and offers the ability to create multiple magazines based on topics, audiences or designated sharing features. You can choose which of your magazines are public and which are private allowing you to socially share some content while managing your personal reading material at the same time. As the social media world continues to grow more fragmented and noisy, PersonSpot offers the most effective way for individuals to discover relevant content and use that content and information to increase customer awareness of their personal brand. PersonSpot’s “one-click publishing” and social platform-agnostic approach allow users to enhance their social profiles and instantly showcase their expertise. Thanks to it's integrated and unified social sharing approach, PersonSpot allows for simultaneous information dissemination across a variety of platforms, whether it be posting to one’s own magazine or sharing an article directly across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Content found via organic Web browsing is also easily integrated into individual publications with PersonSpot’s “Spot It” feature. An add-on to a Web browser’s toolbar, Spot It lets users quickly add currently viewed websites to their magazines and, unlike other similar add-ons, you can simultaneously share it on social media or simply save it for later use. What's more, you can do it all without disrupting viewing.   You can use PersonSpot the way you use other personal online publishing magazines like Flipboard if you like and it is heaps of fun and looks great. It's funny but random saved articles just look fantastic in these magazine style formats. But the beauty of this one is undoubtedly its brand promotion possibilities. For individuals like artists and photographers it is a glorious way of displaying your artworks in a magazine style format to advertise your skills. Magazines based around a product takes it to a higher level. Imagine putting a promotion together based on your social media feeds as well as newly created material and other web related material. The possibilities are endless.


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