Take complete control of your incoming postal mail while internationalizing your business

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: ClevverMail

They keep telling us that physical mail - the stuff you get that comes through the post in envelopes and packages - is a thing of the past. Postal workers are being laid off right, left and center and deliveries are likely to be reduced to two or three days per week in the not-too-distant future. There are certain items, however, that can really only be delivered by post. Rather than looking at mail delivery as a behemoth destined for extinction though, it's still possible to use it as an advantage - especially in a business situation. ClevverMail is a business mail solution app that manages, organizes, digitalizes and delivers your mail, as well as giving you a prestigious street address in Berlin, Germany to give your business an international flavor.   ClevverMail offers a comprehensive array of correspondence solutions that are designed to streamline and revolutionize the way your business handles its physical mail. Its aim is to give you complete control over your incoming postal mail The first thing you will need to do after you've signed up for free will be to change your mailing address to the secure ClevverMail facility based in the business district in Mitte, Berlin. Any mail that arrives is physically sorted - to get rid of any obvious junk mail - and envelopes are scanned and emailed to you digitally with the name of the sender, the type of mail it is and its size and weight. You can then make a quick decision as to whether it is needed or not and if it can be shredded. If you want to keep and view the correspondence, ClevverMail will scan the contents using optical character recognition and send it on to you as a fully searchable and sortable PDF document that is delivered directly to your personalized digital postbox. If you wish, your postbox can be linked directly to your Dropbox account, which will allow you to store and access saved documents easily from your computer. Physical storage of your mail is completely free for the first month but the company offers extended storage for any hard copies and packages that you wish to retain. They also offer fast worldwide forwarding of any items to any person you specify - anywhere in the world. If you are concerned about security, the facility is monitored by 24-hour surveillance and mail can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Your mail is guarded by firewalls and constantly monitored by security specialists.   When I first took a look at ClevverMail I couldn't quite see the attraction but, the more I think about it, the more interesting it gets. Apart from anything else, a street address for your company in the heart of one of the most highly regarded business districts in Europe will certainly add some weight to your business credibility. Its busy location also makes it an ideal place to ensure the fast and reliable collection and delivery of your mail. While it is primarily aimed at the business community, ClevverMail also has some excellent benefits for individuals. Traveling consultants will find it useful if they can't check their mailbox on a regular basis while some online shoppers might find it very handy as a shipping point if they use multiple virtual addresses for their purchases. Wherever you are, ClevverMail is a cost effective app that gives you complete control over your important physical mail using the highest levels of security while internationalizing your company profile.


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