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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: CoContest

With our lifestyle channels now filled with building and home improvement design shows like Grand Designs there has naturally been a swing back towards building and designing your own homes over the last few years. But one of the hardest things to find (and one of the most expensive) is a good architect. CoContest is a architectural design crowd sourcing application that will host design contests to find the best design for your renovation project. You can set the specifications for your project and even set the reward for the winning artist.   CoContest is a crowdsourcing platform for all of those end users who are in need of new and innovative design ideas or projects for renovating their house or office. Architects can compete in design contests with cash rewards and with all the specifications set by end users. CoContest is also very useful for real estate companies as a new outsourcing channel for low cost projects. It is especially a great opportunity for junior architects who want to prove their mettle in the tough world of building design. So, how does CoContest work? Well, organizing an getting an architectural project is super easy  and can be completed in just three steps! First up is the hosting and launch of an "architectural contest” for you where thousands of certified architects can compete to create the best project for your needs. Create and post a project brief and choose the reward for the winning designer. You can provide continual feedback to help the architects produce a great project for you. At the end of your contest time, you'll need to pick your favorite project and award a winner. You'll then receive the winning project in high resolution along with the original work and all the details of the contest winner so you can collaborate for further specifications and more information. The aim of CoContest is to revolutionize the world of architecture and the relationship between the client and the architect. This breaks down the geographical barriers and helps to achieve the goal of giving everyone the chance to use a high quality architect.   CoContest's objective is to become an important cog in the machine for architects, architecture and interior design, not to mention developers. It aims to make it easy for every builder or redeveloper to have access to great architects with the help of a hosted architectural design contest. And with more and more services being provided online it makes a lot of sense to widen your search and use all the attributes of the Internet to choose your next architect and the specific design that is right for your project. There aren't that many architecture apps around and this one serves both designer and developer. It's very easy to set up all your design specifications and gives you the ability to collaborate with the winning designer all the way down the line to achieve mutual satisfaction.


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