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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Flixster

There are so many movie apps on the Internet these days that any new ones have to be pretty special to grab my attention. Usually they are just fairly anonymous outlets for the studios to regurgitate their stories and reviews and not a lot else. The things that set Flixster apart from the others are two simple words - Rotten Tomatoes. If you aren't familiar with RT it is getting a reputation for honest reviews and is comparable to IMDB in it's information well. So, Flixster plus Rotten Tomatoes gives you a movie review tool that is a serious contender.     The Flixster movie community includes movie ratings and showtimes, movie reviews, movie layouts, movie pics & posters, movie news, video clips, movie fan clubs, actor profiles and fan clubs, celebrity news, celebrity photos, celebrity layouts, and the never ending movie quiz. Whether it's a hot date, a familyouting or just sitting around with your friends you will get a lot of enjoyment as well as an instant source website for the films you feel passionate about. Pitching Flickster and Rotten Tomatoes together is a heady pairing and encourages advertisers to get involved. Who wouldn't want to advertise on a site that is a vital part of many  movie fans' weekend choices and has close to 20 million visitors.

ConclusionThis is the new and improved Flixster here, by the way. Its new visual design lets you stream your movie collection from or from an iPad, iPhone or an Android phone. There are new sections covering what's on in theaters right now, reviews of films by friends and plenty more. Flixster is a beautiful looking and very informative tool for viewing reviews of movies you want to see. It's easy and a pleasure to explore it's hallowed walls.

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