The best way to protect your 'sensitive' mobile photos and data from leaks and scandals

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Privacy Lock

Privacy on our mobile phones has been much discussed over the last few years. Whether it be the 'theft' of photos or personal details, it's probably even more of a problem now than it was two years ago - and we still haven't really come to grips with it. Many of us are lazy with our devices and they are often left hanging around unattended for anyone to pick up and view. The solutions have often been weighty, clumsy or expensive apps that are inconvenient to use and can offer up as many problems as they solve. Privacy Lock is a new privacy application for Android that enables you to lock any applications for your own privacy, boost the speed of your mobile devices using maximized cleanup, backup all your apps and settings and easily share them for free with your friends.   Privacy Lock is considered one of the best privacy protectors and memory boosters for your Android devices. Its main reason for existence is to lock and protect all your apps, messages and other chatting tools, using a simple pattern or password protection. This lightweight, user-friendly yet very powerful app lets you use a simple 'one-tap' operation to lock everything from your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail accounts and do it quickly and easily. Maybe you have some  ‘personal’ pictures that you keep hidden away on your mobile? Privacy Lock's brand new ‘Hide Your Gallery’ function means that you wont have to worry about your photos being leaked again. The app isn't just about privacy, though. The 'boost' feature gives you a 'one-click' cleanup of your mobiles and frees up memory to speed up your device. What's more, the backup function lets you backup and restore all your apps - and their settings - to your Secure Digital (SD) memory card and lets you share bulk apps with friends mobile data free. Finally, the latest version even gives you the option of personalizing your own screen with cool and attractive themes. There's even a Christmas themed one - rather appropriate, considering the time of the year.   Privacy Lock could well be the best and most convenient way of keeping the stuff on your Android devices private. It's beauty lies in its lightness of weight and it's simplicity of use - two of the most important things that could convince potential users that it's worth the download. However, despite the fact that the installation package is the smallest in the Play Store, Privacy Lock is surprisingly powerful and even throws in a few more very useful features to cap it off.  The 'one-tap' locking / unlocking feature is simple and easy to use while the boost feature is a great bonus to speed up your device by freeing up more memory. The app itself has a nice, clean interface that is simple to navigate. This excellent free application management app provides your Android with powerful backup and cleanup tools while giving you every opportunity to protect your mobile privacy.


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