A real time personal assistant for your Mom

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Save The Mom

Save The Mom reminds me of one of those sitcoms from years ago where the mom breezed through everything whilst mayhem continued all around her. The mom was untouchable, thoroughly well organized and knew everything that was going on in the house. This organize app for the family (especially working mom's, I guess) helps you manage all the everyday problems like shopping lists, noticeboards, calendar and even a geolocalization tool to keep track of where everyone is and what they are up to. It'll work very nicely on your iPad and iPhone.   Save the Mom is a real-time personal assistant and family organizer especially conceived for busy working mothers. It will help you manage your everyday problems with its shared family calendar, shopping list, check-in service and news feed to communicate with your family. Dashboard, shopping list, calendar and geolocalization are the main features of this app. The dashboard keeps track of your family’s activities without the need for phone calls or SMS and displays it all  in only one place in real-time while the calendar keeps track of all the family’s events and  appointments. You can control you and your family's appointments either in daily, weekly or monthly view. Invitations and reminders make for a complete, modern and functional means of communicating with the rest of the family. The interactive shopping list helps you easily manage and share what you've run out of easier that writing on a piece of paper. Update it and share the wide list of stock products with your family members using the 'favorites' feature. The geolocalization service visualizes the movements of your family while keeping track of your loved ones' position with a private, built-in check-in system.   I like the way they describe Save The Mom as 'an application that helps working mothers to improve management, communication and family control.' yeah well I dont know about family control but it's worth a try. Save The Mom is a productivity app and its main aim is to provide working moms with an easy to use suite of tools to make day-to-day tasks less time consuming and keep track of what everyone is up to. Maybe Amy is going to ballet after school and needs picking up or you have a work meeting on Friday. Keep the family up to date with this cool and very snappy free app. If they'd make it more metrosexual I'd use it myself.


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