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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Zerply

This looked so easy even I thought I’d give it a go and low and behold I now have a Zerply profile out there for all to see!

If this spreads, and it really should, then it will be a great addition to those social network sites that have a commercial leaning. It might even overtake a few given that it does what most people want of a professional network i.e. the ability to search for possible useful contacts (and vice versa) without having them thrown at you.

There is also a refreshing lack of ads but I suppose that might change.

Anyway setting up your profile is a walk in the park and you can add a short bio, a photograph and add up to 5 tags highlighting what your abilities are. If you really want you can crib your CV and list all of your experiences to date.  You can also add a website address and choose whether or not to spread it all over Facebook and Twitter.

There is a choice of background styles for your profile and as a politically balanced writer I chose to avoid the one labelled "Conservative"! They all look good and project a very clear image.

One thing I would say is that from the sites home page it was not possible to do any searches despite following instructions. All I got was a ˈresults loadingˈ message that never seemed to end. From my profile page however I could successfully search for people by skill, location and recently joined members.

One possible downside is that some people could be put off by the need to enter a personal email address but it’s the only way people can contact you with that fantastic job offer at the moment. For me, it’s been half an hour now and I’ve got one eye on the inbox I can tell you!

ConclusionA welcome and uncluttered addition to the business networking family and although not long off the blocks it has the potential to get right amongst the established sites that don’t seem too sure about what they actually want to be.


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