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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Vinotweet

If one of your hobbies is wine tasting, or if you’re a foodie looking for the perfect wine to go with a meal, Vinotweet is a site you might be interested in checking out.  Vinotweet is a social networking tool that works along with Twitter, as well as being a social site all in itself. 

Vinotweet is a place to upload pictures of wine, vineyards, wine menus, and anything else having to do with wine and then you can also have it sent out as a wine Tweet. 

You can just browse the site to find the perfect wine, or you can log in with your Twitter account and upload pictures and if you are feeling social you can leave comments on wine pictures other people have posted.


You can also add pictures to your Favorites so you can find them easily from your account page, as well as on your account page you can see pictures you have uploaded.

Uploading a picture is easy; accepted file types are jpg, gif, png and bmp – so you definitely aren’t locked into using just 1 file type.  Then after you choose a category for your image, you can write a caption and decide whether or not you want to also post it to Twitter. 


You can choose to view recent or most popular posted images, or browse through one of the numerous categories listed on the right side of the page.

This site is impressively easy to use and simple to navigate, and I think it’s pure brilliance the way they integrated it with the social networking site Twitter.  They seem to not have too many pictures posted yet – but they ARE a really new site, and I can already tell it’s going to be a big hit.  Vinotweet is the perfect way to share your favorite wines as well as find yourself some new favorites. And it’s totally free to use.

ConclusionSo whether your interest in wine is more sophisticated or whether you just like your vino, you should check out Vinotweet – maybe even send out a wine tweet or two. It’s like going on a virtual wine tasting tour.


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