Professional Networks For Your Industry, Function, Or Niche

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Workfeeds

It's been mooted for quite a while now that, given the amazing success of Facebook, it would be a really good idea for someone to put together a business version of the social networking site. Somewhere that professionals could meet fellow professionals who work in the same industry or perform similar functions and deal with similar problems. Now that sounds like a really interesting idea, right? Well, Workfeeds is that work related social networking tool that is kinda Facebook meets Twitter meets LinkedIn.   So Workfeeds is pretty well a business version of Facebook but designed for the work environment. There is a lot of LinkedIn about it too but the big difference here is that LinkedIn visitors only visit every now and then whereas Workfeeds is designed to work on a daily bass like Facebook or Twitter. It's aimed at professional people who wish to connect with others in either their field of industry, a similar function, niche or specialty, or even just the location where they live or work. Imagine the ease with which you could solve specific problems if you could connect with people who have already had to deal with them before. Imagine sharing knowledge and expertise, being able to ask questions and get them answered, build new relationships, do a little business and even find job opportunities. Likewise, Workfeeds could be the conduit to a new spirit of cooperation in discovering new information about old problems. There's a big need for a professional network where people can truly  interact on a daily basis.

ConclusionSo there would undoubtedly be perceived dangers to accessing your social networking site in the work environment. No one wants their workers on Facebook playing Mafia Wars all day. But if they were using Workfeeds they would still have the social networking activity but in a work sensibility with work problems to be solved and work communication paramount. Workfeeds looks and follows exactly the same format as Facebook except it's a business version. It's free to sign up and could make work communication just as much fun as the social version.


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