Crowdsource your interior designs from professionals and save heaps

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Decorilla

One of the significant changes in architectural design over the last couple of decades is that the emphasis is now on the interior of a building rather than what it looks like from the outside. In the past, people wanted to show others the beauty and grandiosity of their living accommodation whereas these days it's all about how luxurious they are on the inside. The plethora of home renovation tv shows have compounded this to the point that more and more people are now renovating their existing homes rather than moving into a new one. This can save a lot of money but interior decorators can still set you back a fair chunk of cash. Decorilla is top-notch interior design app that can save you up to 80% on your design costs by crowdsourcing a specific design for your room as well as giving you a state-of-the-art palette of tools to help you redecorate.   Decorilla is making beautiful design both affordable and accessible to people, offering them the possibility of living in their perfect space while saving lots of money on design and furniture. Through technological tools and advances, they have created an intuitive online platform that helps customers engage with professional and vetted interior designers. Decorilla uses crowdsourcing to help you plan your decorating project and save big bucks whilst ensuring that you get a designer room that you'll love - with a money back guarantee if you aren't completely happy and no design concept is chosen. They use a carefully selected community of professional designers to submit concept preview proposals for the room(s) you are thinking of renovating or redecorating. Just fill in a simple questionnaire about the room, upload some photos and set your preferred price and Decorilla will hand your proposal over to their designers to work on. Choose the one that's right for your space and see how the finished room will look in the beautiful 3D renderings. Use the shopping list with links to purchase discount furniture and fittings and the detailed floorplan and furniture placement and paint color palette tools to see how it will look when finished. You can refine the design with your chosen designers and feedback with them using the skilled phone and email support to complete your e-decor package to your complete satisfaction. There's even a tips and implementation guide to help you along the way.   We've reviewed a few similar apps to Decorilla in the past but I don't think we've seen one with the depth and excellence as this one. While this home design app isn't cheap in the true meaning of the word, it can offer a vast saving on the design fees charged by a Main Street interior design studio - up to 80% in many cases. US$345 gives you a minimum of three design concepts to choose from and gives you all the features. The gold package costs $849 and gives you seven top-notch designs and all the features but also includes a personal video call with your designer. Decorilla gives you online access to the best designers as well as offering trade discounts on furniture and fittings. And the added bonus is...if you don't choose a design, there's a 100% money back guarantee.


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