A holiday weather forecast service providing accurate live holiday destination weather forecasts.

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Latest Holiday Weather

We've all come back from a holiday and realized that half the clothes we took with us weren't used. With the price of excess luggage on planes these days that can cost you money. If you knew the weather conditions beforehand you could have packed accordingly and saved yourself some money or had more room in your bags for that unique mankini for Uncle Ralph. Latest Holiday Weather is a comprehensive travel weather forecaster tool that will give you an accurate and detailed look at local conditions whether you are traveling in the US or overseas.

Latest Holiday Weather is a free forecaster that can tell you what conditions you will face on each day of your visit, making it easy to plan what activities to get up to and what to wear. Using accurate weather forecast feeds for 1000′s of popular destination worldwide LHW have put together a website service where you can easily search for your holiday destination and within a few clicks see a full overview of the next 14 days weather. For each of those days you can also see detailed weather conditions on a 3-hourly basis. Alternatively, you might want to find out which destination is going to have the best weather and which would be the best days to travel on? 

ConclusionSo is it the anorak or the extra pair of speedos you need to pack, that is the question? Latest Holiday Weather is a useful addition to your holiday armor. No longer will you have to search out the local newspapers website to investigate conditions for your holiday. The site is like a mini magazine and easy to use. On the downside, I was going to give this close to a 4/5 but when I tried a random destination - Louisville, Kentucky, there were no details.


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