A five star marketing vehicle for your small business

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Coolposts

A few months ago we ran a review on a very good business fan page application called Cool Mojito that rapidly became one of our favorite apps of the year. It enabled the user to create very handsome and effective advertising fan pages using a wonderfully easy step-by-step method. Now those same developers have taken the marketing concept one step further with this superb set of marketing and promotion tools that provide you with everything you need to start up and run a very powerful advertising campaign that is perfect for small business and the adventurous entrepreneur.   Studies show that 98% of activities on Facebook happens in the news feeds and, for the budding entrepreneur, this is where business connects with fans, it is where your potential customers are and where you should focus your marketing. But how do you convert these Facebook users to leads and sales? The answer is CoolPosts. CoolPosts makes it possible to collect emails, build a leads funnel and close sales directly from Facebook Newsfeeds and Timeline. With this very smart app, you can easily select a customizeable template, edit it to specify the information you want to capture and post the app to your Business or Personal timeline. The apps display in the News Feeds, are 100% interactive and anyone can use them with little or no technical knowledge. The app allows Facebook users to submit their personal information and upload and submit their documents and files. The auto response system sends the submitted information to you immediately as well as automatically using the information to build a downloadable leads database for you and you can import your leads to your CRM or Salesforce application at anytime. You can use these apps to capture names, email, phone number, city, country and any other kind of information. You can even allow your fans to upload images, documents or resumes directly from within their News Feeds, without even having to go to a fanpage tab or an external website as everything is done interactively in the News Feeds. Coolposts is also a very useful tool to promote and collect money from donations and pledges via the customizable templates and even gives LinkedIn a run for its money when posting job opportunities given Facebook's vast database of users.   Effectively, Coolposts gives you all the raw materials to set up and create a great advertising campaign with your database coming directly from your Facebook Feeds. It's yet another opportunity for the small business to get a foot in the door and compete with the bigger organizations. It's beauty lies with its simplicity of use - seriously, even your granny could use this great set of tools - and it's ability to pick up the customers that big business tends to forget about by posting contests where you can capture customer information. Forget the old spamming method of customer contact, Coolpost is a much more effective and customer friendly way of doing business. At US$25 per month it is a cost effective way of promotion and, if you take both Coolposts and the Fan Page Builder it comes in at under $40 a month. Thats under ten bucks a week to easily put together a killer campaign and promote your product. There's a 7 day trial on now if you want to check it out. The possibilities for Coolposts are endless.


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