More room for cash in your wallet with this online receipt storage

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: OneReceipt

Well here is a familiar problem that we all have to face it one time or another. For many different reasons we are required to keep recepts for our purchases. It might be for taxation reasons, for claiming back work expenses or a shared expense with a housemate. Now if you are anything like me I've got some in a drawer under the computer, some on the kitchen noticeboard and some in my wallet. Oh, and then there's a couple in my pocket. OneReceipt is a free personal finance organize tool where you can keep all your receipts - whether online or paper - in one convenient place.

The idea behind OneReceipt evolved in the days of manually scanning poorly printed receipts, scouring emails and hunting through pages and pages of bills. Not a lot of fun! Basically, all receipts are stored in the cloud no matter whether they are digital or paper in the one very convenient places that you can access wherever and whenever you want. OneRecepit automatically pulls in e-receipts and stores your paper receipts simply by taking a picture of them before organizing them with tags and categories to help you filter and file your receipts in seconds. The latest technology is used to automatically index all of your outgoings. All of your data is stored and indexed giving you the ability to easily find any receipt in seconds.

Great idea for sure. There is no doubt in my head that finding and organizing receipts is a problem every one of us has to deal with more than once during the year. OneReceipt is very useful free organize app that can only save you money. Not only in lost receipts but also in your valuable time hunting for them. Imagine the time you will save. Oh, and one last bonus...OneReceipt also tells you when return policies are about to expire. I like it.


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