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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Evzdrop

Secretly, whether we like to admit it or not, there is a little bit of voyeurism in most of us. We want to know what is happening around us. It might be listening into someone's conversation about the restaurant they ate in last night or hearing someone else's opinion about a new store that has just opened. But eavesdropping in on other people's conversations is probably not the best or the most reliable way of finding out what is being said. Evzdrop (which is pronounced eavesdrop) is a new type of app that lets you tap into what people are saying about the places around you. It may be that new restaurant that's just opened up or a hotel that you were thinking of staying at. It's an app that brings a little more integrity and credibility to the review process by providing feedback from the people that matter most - the customers.   It's said that, as a shopkeeper, for every customer that gives you feedback on your store there are six others that just tell their friends and Evzdrop takes advantage of that by allowing you to 'eavesdrop' on the real-time experiences of customers. It's a free location-based app for Android that takes feedback, opinions and comments in 140 characters or less from people who have something to say about places you might want to visit. It could be a restaurant, a retail store, a bar or nightclub, a stadium or a hotel and the micro-insights or 'drops' (as they are known) could include things like how long it took to get seated in a restaurant, how well your NFL team looked during the warm-up or if there is a sale happening at a favorite store. Evzdrop seeks to bring more verification and credibility to the traditional review process while giving users a filtered interest graph to express themselves and be informed beyond their social networks. Users can even 'drop' their messages anonymously if they want to be heard but not seen and elect to follow places and listen in to any comments that people are making about them as they happen.   Facebook has their check-in function to give an insight into places and Foursquare offers a similar idea but only if you live in a big city so neither have really been utilized to great effect as yet.  Evzdrop goes straight for the jugular with this dedicated feedback app that offers the opportunity to add new life and integrity to the whole review process. It can even be used in a Yelp-like way to find out what people think of the amenities and places to visit in a new town you are visiting. This geolocalization app that has been described as a social interest network that informs as well as entertains. There is nothing better than real-time feedback to keep you in-the-know and informed and here is a next generation mobile app that allows you to give opinions and reviews while finding out what others think of places you might want to visit.


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