Track and locate your iDevice on the web if it's lost or stolen

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Device Tracker for iPhone & iPad ( Track and Locate your device on the Web )

It's a sad state of the world but, whereas a few years ago it was household items like DVD players and computers that were getting stolen, these days one of the primary targets for thieves is your iDevice. Apple stores are being targeted and there was a story the other day of a car plunging into a shop in the US and having its entire stock of iPhone 5 stolen. Theirselves are even targeting people on the street. And with the price of iOS items pretty hefty they can get a good resale price on them and, it seems, everyone wants one. So how do you protect your iDevice. Well, one way is to use a GPS application like Device Tracker that tracks your iPhone or iPad wherever it may be.   Device Tracker is a real GPS tracker for your iPhone or iPad where you can track your iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere from the web. It does this by keeping a track of your device's location history and lets you check it on the web anytime! Now, it might well be that your phone or tablet is just lost - you know what kids' bedrooms are like? If it's lost you can track it and if it is out of battery or turned off you will still have its last known location, to within 35ft, before the phone lost power. Apps like Device Tracker are one of the reasons why we chose iDevices in the first place and its one of the apps that makes iPhone, iPad or iPod worth the price. But you can bet that where this app gets more use than anywhere else will be in its ability to locate a misplaced iPhone or to check up on family members to see their location. If you are worried about Amy not being home from work or school on time you can check where they are with the GPS tracker when installed. The location of your iDevice is available online and can be viewed by logging into your account from any computer or phone that has an internet browser and you can track up to five iDevices simultaneously. For every tracked location you can see a picture of the place, get the driving directions or find nearby places on the web and, whats more,  see the location record of your device for the past 48 hours.   So when you bought your iPhone or iPad did you pay the extra for warranty that the salesman offered you? Well, think of Device Tracker as just a little bit more insurance. It's ability to track a potentially stolen or lost iDevice means you can locate it exactly where its was last used via Google Maps but in real terms I can see its primary use being with moms checking on their kids after school. Or maybe you are wondering what your partner gets up to after work...but let's not go there. At the moment there is a 25% price reduction when purchasing Device Tracker so you can pick it up for less than three bucks so this easy to use tracker, with free worldwide customer support, seems like a good investment.


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